Corsock Kirk Stained Glass Windows


The Paschal Lamb

Dr.G.B,Burnet. was minister of Corsock Church from  1946-1957 He was a strong character and It was he who insisted that the Parish Church(Maxwell church) in Corsock close in 1947 and its stained glass including the Maxwell memorial window be moved to the Free church despite strong opposition. He donated this window now fitted into a clear glass lancet. It comes from an unknown episcopal church probably now decommissioned. It is only part of the original, the lower section missing possibly with its original dedication.

It depicts the lamb (Agnus Dei) with the banner of victory lying on the book of seven seals A descending Dove, supported by two angels represent  the holy spirit descending on the figure of a female Saint. She has long fair hair, a multi-coloured halo, carries a Bible and a large cross. She wears a white tunic and robe with a gold border. There is a green scarf over her right arm,Her identity as a youthful St.Helena was unravelled after finding and perusing the Kirk session minutes.

 It is recorded that on the 12th September 1976 a special service for the Dedication of the window was held  with Dr and Mrs Burnet present.The Reverend Andrew L Mackay presided and preached on the life of St.Helena,mother of Constantine ,(the Roman Emperor who was converted to Christianity before the battle of Milvian Bridge when he saw a vision of  a flaming  Cross in the sky bearing the words"in this sign thou shalt conquer" He adopted the Cross as his emblem,winning the Battle and with it  the Empire). St Helena was also remembered rather bizarrely for taking the Stone staircase from the house of Pontius Pilate to her own palace.