Corsock Kirk Stained Glass Windows

The Good Shepherd


Alexander.C.S.Murray-Dunlop was a gifted Lawyer and Member of Parliament. He was prominent in shaping the movement that resulted in the “Act of Secession”(the withdrawal of membership of the Free Church from the Church of Scotland in1843). Lord  Cockburn said of him," No one has ever combined more gracefully the zeal of a  partisan with the honour of a gentleman"   He married Eliza Ester Murray, daughter of Mr John Murray who purchased the Corsock Estate in 1840 and on his death in 1846 Alexander assumed the name of Murray.The Church was built with his generosity in 1852 and was known as the Murray-Dunlop Church from 1931 when the Parish Church and Free Church united and services were held in alternate churches until the Parish Church closed in 1947.

The window of three Lancets, designed as a whole is on the west wall. It was designed and made by Heaton, Butler and Bayne of London in 1905 .It is signed in the lower right corner  The central large Lancet is supported on either side by the two smaller ones. The main subject is an angel with blue wings holding a banner above Christ, with wounds and a crown of thorns. He holds a lamb and is surrounded by sheep. A wolf lurks on the skyline of hills behind him. The text is on a ribbon with an initial verse “I am the good shepherd and know my sheep and am known of mine” Below the dedication is a text in quotes, “The memory of the just is blessed”.

The smaller lancets on either side are made up with quarries( plain one coloured tiles). On the left side alternating with sacred monograms, crown of thorns or stars with shield of Alpha in the top third and scourges crossed on pillar in a shield on the lower third.  On the right side the lancet has quarries with alternating sacred monograms, crown of thorns and stars with shields of Omega and Latin cross.

The dedication reads,

To the Glory of God and in loving memory of Alexander.C.S Murray-Dunlop born 27th December 1798,died 1st September 1870 and of Eliza Esther Murray-Dunlop, his wife born 20th  February 1819 Died 14th July 1902.                                                                                                        Bust of Alexander-Murray-Dunlop  ↓