The Twa Kirks


Wií little wit, an scanty lear

But mair than average share I care

Yet pleased to dauner in and oot

To hear the on gauns roun aboot

No that am ane that interferes

In other folks affairs.

Na na I try to mind maí ain

And let other folk mind theirs.

But still, ane canna help but heed

Things that they see and hear.

The swords no beat to ploughshares yet

No pruning hook the spear.


Wií war at hame,and war abroad.

We maun be in the mirk.

When folk we took for Christ ian s,

Start warring ower  their  Kirk.

I fail to see religion inít,

And so my mind returns.

For coonsel that we got langsyne

Frae oor Poet Robbie Burns


Nae treasure or pleasure

can make us happy lang

The hert is aye the pairt aye

That makes us richt or wrang,

Unless that happiness implants

Itís center in the breast.

We may be wise or rich or great

But never truly blest.

So let us not like snarline tykes

In wrangling be divided.

Till slap: comes in an unco loun

And wií a ring decide it

The Kettle o the Kirk and State

Perhaps, a clout may fail inít

But deil a foreign tinkler loun

Should ever caí a nail inít


Let Churchmen to the Kirk be true

Thatís by oorsels united.

For only but by churchmenís hands

Can the Kirkís wrangs be righted.

Ye worthy sons of Corsock, rise

Throw prejudice away.

Swear friends to be whatever comes

And likewise watch and pray.

For no man fear, but trust in God

Hold out a friendly hand.

Then scores of anxious kindred souls

Will muster round your band.


Firm on the everlasting rock

A sure foundation lay

No shifting sands, no storms, nor floods

Shall ever sweep away.

Good will and Peace, your motto be

With no regret or sigh.

While heather blooms upon the hills

And Orr runs wimpling by





This poem was submitted by J.Thomsonís daughter -in-law, Mrs.Mary Thomson

  Of Kirklynn Corsock.The Maxwell Kirk (one of the Twa) was converted into a

dwelling house in 1951 and named Kirklynn.For the context of the poem which

 reflects the feelings of the people of Corsock at the time, go to Corsock History.