Jack Thomson


I attended Sunday school from 1934-1945 during which period, there were upwards of over a hundred scholars. The Ministers then were the Rev.William.Campbell (who baptised me) The Rev Douglas Glennie and two pulpit supply ministers during the war years one of whom was-Laidlaw the other the Rev.James Cran. About this time there was a Youth Fellowship and a Boy’s Club the latter of which I was for a period the Treasurer I joined the Kirk in 1950 attended classes in the Manse under the Rev .Harry Marr.In November 1953 I was elected to the Board which always met in the Manse. The Minister then was The Rev.Ernest Rawlings.

I was appointed Clerk to the Board (pro tempore) on 3rd May 1963.In the meantime the Rev.Graham Little’s persuasive powers had eventually succeeded in my joining the Session in1966. My “temporary” appointment as Clerk to the Board lasted until March1993.I was delighted to receive a book token on my retirement.

My relationship with all the aforementioned Ministers and their successors was always cordial and I believe beneficial to all. The latter were The Rev Andrew MacKay. The rev Ron Dick and finally the Rev Bob Wotherspoon

Eleven Ministers have been known to me including those aforementioned and then the Rev.James Guthrie and the Rev.Sally Marsh. There were numerous interim Moderators during my time all of whom were always supportive and helpful and with whom I worked closely

Albert Charteris James Wilson and Annie Henderson were in that order Session Clerks and with whom I had a close and happy relationship Many memorable and talented people were involved during my years as Clerk and Board member and I valued greatly their fellowship and support. I often think their contributions are rarely fully appreciated.

Perhaps the most important Board office is that of Treasurer and we have been most fortunate indeed in the holders of this position Those whose cooperation I valued were Ian Mitchell, Sam McCall, Fiona McCormick and Betty Watson. The amount of hard work they were asked to perform goes largely unseen and we should be deeply grateful to them.

I am happy to think and know that the Board and Session of which I had the privilege to serve have played a valuable and important part in keeping the Kirk alive and active. This continues today and my prayers and best wishes are with everyone.

I was quite emotionally overcome on receiving the most handsome and acceptable pewter tankard at the Christmas Service and thank all concerned.