Original Floor Plan

This plan shows how the church was laid out 60 years ago. There were 110 pews all with doors, with larger pews in the corners. The large pews were upholstered in red and contained tables. They were used by the farms and estates, named as shown. Seating was allocated by the Kirk Session (the minister and elders) and almost everyone had their own pew to sit in for which, in the very early days, they would have paid.

 The communion table was on a low dais with the pulpit behind, the organ in front and then the choir.




In 1949 the pews were removed and a partition put up to create the present hall. What was then the vestry is now a kitchen. The communion table and pulpit were moved from the east wall to the north wall and northeast corner respectively. In 2002 after a further refurbishment the layout was changed back almost to this original plan.