Minute of the board of Corsock and Kirkpatrick Durham church which met on Tuesday July 11th 2017 in Kirkpatrick Durham church hall at 7pm.

The chairman rev Sally Russell opened the proceedings with prayer.

Present:  Mrs Watson Mrs McCall Mrs Robertson Mrs Sinclair Mrs Cusack Mrs Ingall and Messrs Watson Wrathall Wishart Somerville Dickson and Dawson

Apologies:  Mrs Wishart Mrs Burney Mr and Mrs McCormick Mr Black Mr Thomson

Minutes:  The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday May 16th were approved, proposed by Mrs Ingall and seconded by Mr Wrathall.

Matters arising:  

  Grant application - David Wishart reported back from the committee showing outline plans for the proposed alterations to the entrance, kitchen area, and lesser hall which could be submitted for a grant along with the tower improvements. The application would need to be submitted by September and thereafter we should hear within 8 weeks; an application would also be needed to  be sent to presbytery. The meeting thanked the committee for their efforts and agreed to take the next step.

Communion plate - After much discussion on the paper submitted by John McCormick detailing our holdings and some options it was decided that the best way forward would be to offer some pieces gradually to Lyon and Turnbull of Edinburgh.  With regard to the communion tokens it was decided to offer these to members of the congregation.

Treasurer's report:  Mrs Watson reported that income to 11th July was 11853.19 and expenditure 11683.83.

Manse:  An electrical problem was being experienced at the manse - sometimes when the kettle was switched on the power went off in the kitchen and a bedroom. Kenny McBride, electrician to look into this - Sally to organise.

Glebe - After much discussion on the paper submitted to the meeting re the pros and cons of a 3/5 year let of the grazing it was decided that our best way forward was to offer a 3 year let ,both to our present tenant and to Mr Fingland, who had shown interest in the glebe. 121 George St will deal with this.

Catering - Teas at Crofts all under control for the 23rd July.

Daffodil tea at Chipperkyle set for Sunday March 25th from 2.30 till 4.30.

Nigerian visit: David Wishart informed the meeting that visa applications were in but no arrangements would be made till theses were secure.

Doors open day on Sat September 16th from 11 till 4 .Both churches would be open, hopefully with some knowledgeable people on hand to give useful information. Sally is to offer tea and biscuits at Kirkpatrick Durham. 

Correspondence: World mission-There is a project to build a house in Nepal following the earthquake there. A power point presentation is available.

AOCB-The dispersion of the book library- Dee reported that most of the reference books have already been sent to Feed the Minds in Bradford, and they were duly grateful for same; the balance of books, mainly fictional, have been given to the Red Cross


A temporary repair has been done to the suspect area of the wooden floor.

There being no further business the meeting ended with the saying of the grace

The next meeting is scheduled for September 19th 2017