Minute of the board of Corsock and Kirkpatrick Durham church which met on Tuesday March 21st 2017

 in Kirkpatrick Durham church hall at 7pm(Unadopted )


The Minister Rev Sally Russell presided as chair and opened the meeting with prayer


Present. Mrs Watson Mrs McCall Mrs Ingall Mrs Wishart Mrs Burney Mrs McCormick and Messrs Thomson Watson Wishart Dawson and McCormick


Apologies Messrs Dickson and Wrathall, Mrs Sinclair Mrs Robertson and Mrs Cusack


Minutes the minutes of the meeting held on Monday January 23rd were approved proposed by Mrs Ingall seconded by Mrs McCormick.


Treasurerís report    Mrs Watson presented the detailed Statement of Accounts for the year ending 31st December 2016. There was some discussion about the Accrued Rev. which briefly kept the Minister guessing    A typing error in the Total expenditure was corrected but still leaving a healthy positive balance.


Matters arising


         Fabric Mr Wishart reported that even during the extremely wet spell recently there was no flooding in the Boiler house or surprisingly through the Tower pointing.

         Grant Application.  It was confirmed this was on track for the June deadline Action David

         Manse Septic tank    Mr Colin Dempster had completed the proposed work outlined in the estimate.   There was still concern as the tank had had to be emptied again and in the wet spell flooding was again apparent .It was resolved not to leave matters but to recall Mr Dempster for further advice and tackle the problem of access to the adjacent farmers land to allow drainage directly into the field drainage system.             Action The Minister

         Communion Plate    there being no further word from 121 George Street, the Clerk has written a letter tabled at the meeting for Board approval. The Clerk expressed his extreme frustration at the lamentable lack of any helpful response which he hopes has been framed in the letter

         Church Cleaning    It was agreed that cleaning should be carried out on Wednesday 5th April starting at 10am.Please come if you are able.  The more volunteers the quicker we will be finished. Mary Burney will organise us.

         Craft fair catering. Mrs Ingall asked for an update. The Clerk (also a member of the Hall committee) said the Hall committee was agreeable to reverting back to a joint effort for all three groups. David Wishart suggested we wait until the recreation Association complete their turn this year and then revert to a joint effort for the catering. Action. Deirdre, David


Easter Catering On Thursday and Friday Hot cross buns with tea and coffee after services.

 Sunday Breakfast, Mary to organise. Deirdre will provide cooked bacon. Fiona will provide and fry eggs.

. Mary. will bring Rolls, Sausages etc.



Library Deirdreís paper was received and agreed upon. It was resolved the library be disbanded and the disposal of the books arranged. Action Mrs Cusack



          Glebe Lease 121 George Street had been advised on February 6th to offer the lease to the standing Tenant for a further year. We have had enquiries subsequently from James Fingland and others. We will therefore reconsider the Tenancy before it expires at the end of October Action Clerk

         Doors Open day September 2017 Scottish Churches Trust Invitation. It was agreed  to take part both at Corsock and KPD over one weekend date, and format to be agreed on at the next Board Meeting 16th May


Manse kitchen window   Repairs are still required Action Minister



The next Board meeting will be Tuesday 16th May

There being no further business the meeting closed with the saying of the Grace.




Minute of the Annual Stated Meeting of Corsock and Kirkpatrick-Durham Church which took place on Tuesday March 21st 2017 in Kirkpatrick-Durham Church Hall

Unadopted )

Present: 11 members of the Congregation


Minutes of the ASM from 2016 were accepted; proposed by Mrs McCormick and seconded by Mr Wishart.


Office Bearers Mrs Watson agreed to continue as Treasurer, Mrs Burney as Session Clerk and Mr McCormick as Clerk to the Board. Mrs Sinclair has agreed to serve again


Presentation of Accounts The treasurer presented the accounts and answered a number of questions Mrs Watson was thanked for her continuing work and it was agreed to write to Mr Young the Auditor thanking him for his diligence and his help to Mrs Watson on this particularly demanding occasion


Statistical Report Mrs Mary Burney presented the report for the year.

At the start of 2016 there were 87 members on the communion roll. During the year there had been no admissions and 1 death and 1 transfer, leaving 85 on the roll at the year Ďend 38 people are on the supplementary roll.

 There were 6 children under 17 and 5 over 18 years. There are 12 Elders 7 male and 5 female; in addition there are 9 members of the congregational Board, 4 male and 5 female. 

                                  There have been 4 baptisms, 2 weddings and 7 funerals

Ministerís Report

Our Minister referred to her 11th year in Office as being one of consolidation in some areas and further progress in others. Our contacts with our twinned church in Amisiri junction had been considerably strengthened through social media, facebook and WhatsApp with the appointment of Pastor Michael and his wife Bethel. We should make more use of this to post more news and pictures

Work with the Guild and School groups and supporting local and other charities continued to be a rewarding aspect of our efforts.

 The Worship Team had taken off and was regarded by everyone as a great success, particularly throughout her term of Office as Moderator.

Although this hectic year was now drawing to a close she had derived much benefit and pleasure travelling around the local parishes and hearing the problems and more rewarding times of others in similar circumstances.  She illustrated this with an insight into her latest trip to Ruthwell Church where she was warmly welcomed and stayed for their ASM after the service. These visits had benefited her personally and she hoped the experience and knowledge she had gained would translate to our congregation.

She was at the attestation of church books in Castle-Douglas and was pleased to report we had had plaudits for our own efforts in this respect.

. She had received an apology from 121 George Street for being the victim of mistaken identity in a photograph in Life and Work, a source of some considerable local amusement.

The Minister has now finished her training as a National Assessor for Ministers in Training and would be attending the Conference, A Place for Hope in May The theme being mediation and reconciliation in communities. These experiences outside the parish she hoped would benefit us all. She felt very much at home here and praised everyone for the team work and strong friendship within the Board, Session and congregation apparent at every meeting and especially at Coffee time after the services.


 The meeting concluded with all saying the Grace