Minute of the Board of Corsock and Kirkpatrick-Durham Church which met on Monday 26th March in Kirkpatrick-Durham Church Hall at 7pm.

The Chairman the Revd Sally Russell opened the proceedings with prayer

Present Mrs Watson, Mrs McCall, Mrs McCormick, Mrs Robertson, Mrs Burney Mrs Wishart.

Messrs Watson, Wishart, Wrathall, Dickson, McCormick, Sommerville

Apologies Mrs Cusack and Mrs Ingall, Mr Thomson

Treasurers report Mrs Watson presented the accounts. After discussion and questions ably answered, the Clerk proposed the accounts be adopted. The motion was seconded by Mrs Robertson and. passed nem.con

Minutes. Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday February 6th , and the extraordinary meeting on February26th were approved proposed by Mr Watson and seconded by Mr Sommerville.

Matters arising:

Fabric   KPD: In the process of  replacing slates rotten joists have been identified and a detailed roof inspection is needed  Temporary repairs have been undertaken meantime.

 Grant application - David Wishart said this was ongoing.

 Communion plate – The items for sale are now with Lyon and Turnbull who are cataloguing, valuing and preparing receipts for signing          Action Clerk

Manse      The annual inspection team has visited and identified a number of repairs and floor coverings requiring replacement. The front door step is cracked and the scullery, front porch, hallway and two bedrooms   floors need recovering. A Local builder has been and estimates for floorcovering are requested from two firms The Kitchen area is to be re painted an d  further Tiling carried out. Windows also identified for repair.

There is still an issue with the septic tank and it is hoped to deal with this when the adjoining field is being drained in the summer. Mr Jimmy Adams XMPB has had discussions with the farmer and has this in hand..  

Action                  Minister and Mr Wishart

 Communion tokens there has been a limited response to the article on the intimations leaflet. Mr Dickson has volunteered to try and  offer some for sale at Spring Fling. 

Nigerian visit Visitors are scheduled to arrive on 24th August and departing on the 5th September.

  Visa organisation is being coordinated with 121 George Street Edinburgh. and Mr Wishart.





Balliol Consort, proposed concert 24th April

Mrs Burney and Mrs Robertson are organising catering. Layout of the chairs etc. is yet to be decided.

Action Clerk

World Mission Day. 28th April the Minister is convener this year so we will provide at KPD, Catering throughout the day with tea and coffee, and a soup and sweet lunch

.Action The volunteers for this will be coordinated by David Wishart

Battle's Over - A Nation's Tribute

The Clerk’s proposal for a concert based on the Last post at the Church was discussed and it was felt more     appropriate that a village based event take place at the village cross.to mark the 1918 Armistice centenary.

Action Clerk to cancel provisional concert arrangements.



There being no further business the meeting closed with the grace.



Signed                                                                                             Chairman




Signed                                                                                              Clerk to the Board