Minute of the board of Corsock and Kirkpatrick Durham church which met on Monday January 23rd 2017

 in Kirkpatrick Durham church hall at 7pm  (unadopted minutes

Mrs Fiona McCormick presided as chair and opened the meeting with prayer


Present. Mrs Watson Mrs Robertson Mrs McCall Mrs Ingall Mrs Wishart Mrs Burney Mrs Cusack and Messrs Watson Wishart Dickson and Wrathall and Rev Sally Russell


Apologies Messrs Thomson and Dawson Mrs Dougan and Mrs Sinclair


Minutes the minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday November 15th were approved proposed by Mrs Cusack seconded by Mr Wrathall.


Treasurers report    Mrs Watson was pleased to announce we had a balance of £1,067 pro tem



Matters arising


·         Fabric Mr Wishart had made several inspections of the tower in different weather conditions and felt that the pointing was the most important issue to correct. There was much discussion, culminating in a decision to proceed with the grant applications and leave immediate repairs until this latter aspect had been fully covered.( If we started to do the work now it would invalidate our grant applications)              Mr Wrathall volunteered to approach and put David in touch with Mathew Aitken of the Dunscore group for expert advice. Action David and Martyn

·         Manse Septic tank     No problems; but no assessment of the problem either. Action The Minister

·         Communion Plate     121 George Street have lost our original letter so for some reason did not discuss this at their meeting on 25th November although they do admit having the Catalogue sent with it.

They need a further letter and details for their next meeting in February. Action Clerk

·         Concert Tickets and Posters have been printed, thanks to Mary Burney and distributed. Catering was discussed and a list of helpers and bakers compiled. Action  All

·          Church Cleaning   Arrangements to clean the floor of the church were  discussed and  on the Monday after the concert chairs would be put back and cleaning carried out then Action All

·         Craft fair catering. The Chairman raised the problem of too few helpers in December and but for very hard work from Alice and Liz Dougan we would not have managed. Concern was expressed that at our turn in 3 years’ time we would not be able to field a team ,it was resolved to discuss this with the Hall and the Recreation committees to assess their views on having a joint team at this event

Action. Deirdre, David




Manse kitchen window   Repairs are required and a joiner contacted Action David


Glebe       The tenant has recently had permission to allow a blind ewe and 5 lambs to remain on the land. There are over 20 sheep now. The Tenant has also had illness to cope with. Under the terms of the lease he should have removed the sheep at the end of October, Discussion followed and at the suggestion of the Minister, Mr Douglas Kerr, (a local Farmer who sits on the appropriate committee on glebe management) will  be contacted by her for advice. Action Minister


Twinning It is proposed to arrange a visit from the Nigerian congregation at St, Peters Amisiri junction between 1st and 15th September 2017, further details to be brought back to the next Board meeting

Action David


Correspondence The Council has delivered a questionnaire on our catering activities David has agreed to deal with this


The next Board meeting will be Tuesday the 21st March


There being no further business the meeting closed with the saying of the Grace.