Elijah Obinna



           On Sunday 28th February Elijah and his wife Favor and son Finlay came to Kirkpatrick-Durham to join with us in worship.

            He is from Amasiri junction in Nigeria with whom we are twinned






I am an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria (PCN).I hold
a BA (Honours), Religion, University of Nigeria, Nsukka and MTh, World
Christianity, from the University of Edinburgh. Currently I am on a
full-time PhD student at the University of Edinburgh with an ongoing
training/focus in Socio-Anthropology of Religion. My research interests
include: investigation into the dynamics and patterns of negotiating
culture, conversion, identity, power, and gender, within indigenous and
Church communities in South-eastern Nigeria. Furthermore, I seek an
understanding of the social dimensions of the PCN’s ministry; the trajectory
and import of the Charismatic and Pentecostal renewals within the PCN and
their implications for contemporary local and global missions.

Since arrival to Edinburgh in September 2006 I have served as a Faithshare
minister at St. Stephen’s Comely Bank Church, Assistant Minister at St.
Giles Cathedral, and currently as a Pastoral Care Assistant at St. Stephen’s
Comely Bank Church. In addition, I currently serve as a member of the
African &  Caribbean Committee of the World Mission Council, and also as a
Development Officer for the Edinburgh and Leith Battalion of the Boys’

Prior to my study leave, I served the PCN as the Personal Assistant to the
Principal Clerk. In addition to sharing in the pastoral duties of the
office, including regular preaching across PCN congregations, I was the
National Director of the PCN’s Nationwide Semper Reformanda seminars and
Managing Director of the Mariam and Inees McLeod Education/Family Support
Project, a pastoral scheme designed by the General Assembly to help
improvised families to educate their children. I also worked with the
Publication department of the PCN; and played key roles in organising
General Assembly meetings and services. I am married to Favour Obinna, who
until joining me at Edinburgh in November 2007 was the Vice-Principal of the
Presbyterian Secondary School, located within the General Assembly Office
premises at Aba. We both have a son Finlay who was born at Edinburgh in
November 8, 2008.